Social Media and Content Marketing Intern Job Post

Social Media and Content Marketing Intern

Job Responsibilities:
Develop unique content and marketing strategies for all Cairo Angels social media platforms.
Develop a consistent evaluation system of Cairo Angels social media activities.

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 Backend Developer Job Post

Backend Developer

Job Responsibilities:
Design and implement backend microservices that power Instabug's platform
Architect services and optimize performance to support millions of users
Testing various back end components.

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   Squad Manager  Job Post

Squad Manager

Job Responsibilities:
Manage a cross-functional squad (subset of the team) within the company
Make sure that the squad delivers on time, meeting our deadlines
Responsible of the implementation of the process (daily, ...

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   Android developer Job Post

Android developer

Job Responsibilities:
Design, architect, implement and OWN Instabug's Android SDK
Write automated tests for all Android components.

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  iOS Developer  Job Post

iOS Developer

Job Responsibilities:
Design, architect, implement and OWN Instabug's iOS SDK
Write automated tests for all iOS components.

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 Outdoor Sales Executive Job Post

Outdoor Sales Executive

Job Requirements:
Education: Bachelor Degree
Specialized knowledge: Previous Courier experience is a plus.

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 Operations Support Representative  Job Post

Operations Support Representative

Job Responsibilities
Provide a front line support to Bosta Stars (delivery guys)
Process orders and delivery requests
Plan the execution of delivery requests
Prioritize delivery requests to the Bosta Stars.

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 Supply Lead Job Post

Supply Lead

Job Responsibilities:
Hiring, training, and leading the Stars (Stars are our partners on the road)
Supervising all Star support channels to ensure they are receiving world-class support
Managing day-to-day issues re ...

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 Customer Support Representative Job Post

Customer Support Representative

Job Responsibilities
Answer incoming customer calls regarding billing issues, product problems, service questions and general client concerns
Resolve customer complaints via phone, email, or social media.
Responsible ...

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